Welcome to Charlieandtay! We're a baby company located in the valley of beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Founded by Kristin. Our products are inspired by my youngest daughter Taylor! We strive to create a lifestyle of comfort and simplicity. We're excited to have your child join the Charlieandtay family!

Meet Kristin!

Hello! My name is Kristin, I am the one behind our Charlie-and-Tay company. I have always admired a calm and simplicity lifestyle, and I think that really shows through our company designs. I hope to share with you all of the things we love! Growing up...I was known as the girl who had a passion for baby fashion! And it is so true! Although not always for the popular bling style fashion...I have always loved a more simplicity type style. The collections we design and create for our little tribe, we hope you love for your little ones as well!

When we were expecting our second daughter, Taylor, we struggled to find a name that fit her. The name I had originally wanted for her was Charlotte Taylor [nickname Charlie!]. After she was born...we took one look at her and decided right then and there that she looked like a Taylor Marie! [Taylor being one of our favorites, Marie after my middle name] We often call her Tay, and that's where CHARLIE AND TAY got its name!