Santa Monica, are a COASTAL dream.

Santa Monica, are a COASTAL dream.

We had the privilege to visit one of my all time favorite southern California locations...and we couldn't have been more thrilled! Santa Monica, you did not disappoint.
It has always been a dream of mine to visit the Santa Monica pier, specifically the tide pool [we did not get enough time to do that...maybe some time in the future we will] but the time we did spend at the pier and beach was amazing! The weather was perfect, there were plenty of food choices and an abundance of entertainment for the little ones [including metal playgrounds on the beach] which were next to outdoor showers for easy cleanup after your beach experience.
In the case that you are planning a trip with kids to the pier in Santa Monica, the rides were fairly prices and super adorable! They had a wide range of toddler/kid rides to choose from, some thrill and everything in between [for every different type of rider or thrill seeker]
This adorable boat ride was only $5 [per child] and it had a super fun bounce to it which the kids really enjoyed.
They also had a pretty large arcade, a perfect view over the ocean, quite a few photo booths...
and if you like Rollercoasters or Ferris Wheels [unlike me] I am sure the view of the ocean [from the pier] is incredible!

I asked my oldest if he could ride the airplane with the girls, and they didn't charge for him to do that which was pretty sweet. All three enjoyed this ride for only $10!

If you visit beaches often, you know how dirty they can become. Santa Monica and the visitors seemed to do an amazing job with upkeeping, with also the help that there were trash cans on the beach at every turn. Loved this!

I cute [and practical] is this lifeguard stand?

The kids had a blast finding sea shells, searching for sea lice, digging in the sand and building sand castles...

We were sad to say goodbye, but we know we will be back and we are [oh so] looking forward to that day.

  We love you Santa Monica, thank you for the wonderfulness we had the pleasure to experience!


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