First Rainy Day of the Year!

First Rainy Day of the Year!

It is nearing the end of May here in Colorado, and we are crossing our fingers that it's the end of our snowy season!

Don't get me wrong, we LIKE the snow...once in a while (my kids like it more than I) but warm weather is everything to us. Sunshine, watermelon, sun dresses, hats, and popsicles, you totally get the idea! I am also half Brazilian, so I definitely blame my passion for sun and water on my roots. (Links are always located at the bottom of the page)

The girls were all smiles in their rain attire...I mean how cute are mini human raincoats and boots!? 

The girls and I had to run some errands around town, so we very well prepared for the first rain fall of the season! We were so excited to see rain, and the girls absolutely love jumping in muddy puddles!

This gingham umbrella is amazing! If you are searching for an umbrella, I would definitely recommend heading over to and check out their vent compact umbrella's! They are by far the best umbrella's I have ever owned! And If you are wanting to check out the gingham one we on the link below and it should take you directly to the online page. 

 "my kids love the rain, and I love my kids" <3


 1: woman's ruffle sweatshirt // 2: woman's rain boots // 3: gingham air vent compact umbrella // 4: toddler rain coat // 5: toddler rain boots // 6: toddler girls buffalo check leggings 




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