Downtown Aquarium • Denver, Colorado!

Downtown Aquarium • Denver, Colorado!

We had a meeting in Denver, so we decided to take the girls to the Downtown Aquarium while we were visiting the mile high city!
I have been there once before, but it was 10 years prior. I am so happy we get to share our aquarium experiences with the girls now that they are getting a little bit older!


The Downtown Aquarium in Denver does not allow food or drinks inside, so we made sure to eat and drink something before we made it to the entrance. We also had to pay $8 for parking, but the great news is the parking lot is located right across the street from the aquarium, and we ended up getting front parking which was amazing.


1: Sweaters! I am a total sun person, so I always appreciate bringing my sweater! but even the girls got cold throughout the adventure, super happy we tied sweaters to everyone's waist, just in case! 


Turtle 🐢 and Tiger 🐅 paradise! Taylor got to visit her two favorite animals!


 The shark tank is always one of our favorites! 

 Lila’s favorite animal/fish was no doubt the sting rays! 🌊

The girls got to take home their favorite animals from the gift shop!



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